Public School Governance
The firm advises Texas public school districts regarding the powers and duties of trustees individually and as a body, including the relationship between the board of trustees, the superintendent, and other employees. Attorneys also advise districts on issues of budgeting and spending; conduct of board meetings and of hearings and proceedings occurring during board meetings; consideration and drafting of policies; rights, limitations, responsibilities and liabilities of board members; management and personnel issues, including nepotism prohibitions, open meetings, and open records issues.
Personnel and Employment Matters
Attorneys with the firm advise and represent governmental agencies in personnel and employment law. Attorneys review and draft employment contracts, including probationary, term and continuing contracts, superintendent contracts, and advise clients regarding reassignment, resignation, termination, non-renewal and separation agreements. The firm also advises and represents its clients with respect to employee claims of age discrimination, racial discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, violation of whistleblower law, wrongful termination, and breach of contract. The firm also prepares in-service presentations for employees and administrators with regard to changes and developments in personnel law.

In addition, the firm represents school districts at all levels of personnel grievances, including proceedings before independent hearing officers and the Commissioner of Education. Attorneys advise clients on issues involving the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, employment benefits, workers' compensation, remediation, suspension, evaluation and appraisal, certification requirements, professional immunity, and responses to requests for information in an employee's file.

Attorneys assist in investigations involving the Office of Civil Rights, Texas Commission on Human Rights, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In addition, the firm represents clients in employment matters before these agencies, the Texas Education Agency and in U. S. District Courts, State District Courts, various courts of appeal, including the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, and the Texas Supreme Court.
Business and Commercial Transactions
Attorneys advise clients on a wide variety of business and commercial transactions, such as requests for proposals, general, personal and professional services agreements, purchase orders and agreements, energy management contracts, computer and software licensing agreements, general liability and property casualty insurance policies, communications systems, employee benefits, beverage supply company contracts, and rental agreements with individuals and organizations for use of governmental property and/or facilities.

The firm also reviews, negotiates and drafts lease/purchase and lessor/lessee agreements with private individuals and organizations, as well as interlocal agreements between governmental entities.
Real Estate Transactions
Attorneys negotiate and oversee legal aspects of real estate transactions. The firm's attorneys draft contracts to purchase, sell or exchange real estate and also advise clients regarding legal requirements for each. The firm's involvement in most real estate transactions begins at the negotiation stage and continues through closing. The firm has experience in negotiating, drafting and reviewing all documents necessary to consummate real estate transactions including earnest money contracts, development agreements, escrow agreements, leases, deeds, closing statements and other closing documents. Additionally, the firm represents governmental agencies in all aspects of condemnation proceedings.
Student Discipline
Attorneys with the firm participate in student discipline hearings before Boards of Trustees, and advise building and central level administrators on matters of student discipline. Issues most commonly encountered include removal of a student from the regular educational program, suspension, expulsion and placement in an alternative education center or juvenile justice facility. The firm also drafts and reviews district policies, such as drug and alcohol use and mandatory/permissive expulsion.

Attorneys counsel districts with regard to the applicability of criminal law in the student discipline setting, discipline issues regarding special education students, requirements regarding notification and disclosure of student records to appropriate authorities, and handling requests for information from the media. The firm also advises and represents school districts in expulsion appeals to district court and other general litigation.

The firm also conducts in-service presentations for administrators, superintendents and board members regarding student discipline. Topics include legal issues involved in due process requirements, use of charge forms and notification letters, presentation of cases at building level and on appeal, presentation of cases before the board of trustees, and expulsion appeals to district court.

The firm negotiates contracts on behalf of its clients with architects, construction managers, and general contractors. The firm also litigates in this area. Attorneys advise on all aspects of construction contract negotiation and drafting, including issues regarding bidding requirements, construction manager-at-risk, and design-build contracts, requirements regarding employment of registered architects and engineers, bid specifications, payment and performance bonds, general and supplementary conditions, change orders, contract termination, zoning concerns and other issues regarding cooperation with cities and other governmental entities.

In addition, attorneys advise clients with regard to environmental issues affecting real estate, construction projects, and contracts. The firm also prepares and gives presentations that address issues commonly faced with respect to construction law.

Attorneys Not Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization unless otherwise noted. No designation has been made by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization for a certification of special competency in the field of school law.